Copyright and Reprint Policy

All individuals or organizations must secure permission, in writing, from the  Nicotine Anonymous World Services Office before quoting or reprinting any original Nicotine Anonymous material. Photocopying   Nicotine Anonymous literature from printed material or copying from the Nicotine Anonymous World Services website to any website or for public distribution is copyright infringement. Individuals are encouraged to read Nicotine Anonymous pamphlet literature at the official Nicotine Anonymous World services’ website and/or purchase any and all of our literature available at our online Store.  

Help Carry the Message

Please consider making a donation to support Nicotine Anonymous World Services (Tradition Seven) cover the costs of carrying our message of recovery to all nicotine addicts who seek recovery              
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About Translations

All translations of Nicotine Anonymous literature provided to Nicotine Anonymous World Services that are accepted in good faith according to the posted Disclaimer, become the property of Nicotine Anonymous World Services. Individuals, organizations, or Nicotine Anonymous members granted permission to produce multiple copies of translated materials for distribution and/or sale should report such activities to Nicotine Anonymous World Services office. Financial contributions of support to Nicotine Anonymous World Services in proportion to such activities may be asked for, and the amount to be determined with consultation of the Nicotine Anonymous World Services Board Officers.