Contributions & Self-support

Why members and groups donate to Nicotine Anonymous World Services

Nicotine Anonymous World Services is a member-supported non-profit organization guided by the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. We realize there are both practical and spiritual purposes for us to remain a self-supporting fellowship to carry our message of recovery. Honoring our responsibilities is an aspect of our spiritual awakening.

Although members donate funds to their local group to cover group expenses, it is equally important that groups and individual members donate funds to Nicotine Anonymous World Services. In addition to honoring Traditions Five and Seven, donations are also an opportunity and a responsibility to honor Tradition One. This is a “WE program” of mutual support, a two-lane avenue between members as well as between members and Nicotine Anonymous World Services. Members’ personal recovery depends upon this worldwide unity of support.

Donations can also be considered a way of making amends (Step Nine). All monies we once spent on nicotine are monies now free to help carry the message of recovery. Donations are actions to feel and express our gratitude. Recovery has shown us the joy of giving back the “gifts” we have been given. Individual contributions connect each one to the whole.

Many members choose the Fellowship as their Higher Power and see such donations as an offering to their Higher Power. Donations also connect us to our Third and Seventh Step Prayers, to move one “to do good in this world” and “reflect the love and wisdom” of one’s Higher Power.

Purchasing literature is another way of helping both yourself and the fellowship. Literature sales also help cover the operation costs for the services and materials we provide.

All Nicotine Anonymous World Services staff, except our one Office Manager, are unpaid volunteers committed to our primary purpose. The volunteer staff work to provide our services, maintain our website, undertake new projects, and facilitate ways to carry the message of recovery to nicotine addicts who still suffer. Consider donating your talents and time to Nicotine Anonymous World Services. For a further understanding of what Nicotine Anonymous World Services does for its members, please read the pamphlet: World Services, My Intergroup, and Me

Help Carry the Message

Please consider making a donation to support Nicotine Anonymous World Services (Tradition Seven) cover the costs of carrying our message of recovery to all nicotine addicts who seek recovery  
(Tradition Five).