Internet Meetings

Voices of Nicotine Recovery

Hosts up to five online Nicotine Anonymous meetings daily. 

The website provides an updated calendar of meeting times, resources for newcomers, and over 200 recorded speaker shares to listen to at one's leisure. Specifics of how to attend the meetings are provided on the website. In accordance with the Third Tradition of Nicotine Anonymous the only requirement for membership is a desire to not use nicotine.

Nicotine Quit Buddies  >>  formerly Unofficial Nicanon

Unofficial NicA has moved from Yahoo groups to IO groups. We also changed our name in the process. "Unofficial Nic A" on Yahoo groups, is now "Nicotine Quit Buddies" on IO groups. 

 This move has opened more possibilities for Tradition Five in serving the nicotine addict who still suffers, as well as ongoing support for those of us with time without nicotine.  

 We post various Nicotine Anonymous member approved literature excerpts daily including,  "Meditations", "Book Readings", and "Questions" in addition to various Topics for discussion. 

 We are a 24 hour typed share meeting, as well as have voice meetings. The possibilities for serving have increased enormously on this new site. All are most welcome!

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