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Your inquiry will be answered by a volunteer. We are happy to answer questions and comments about our 12-step program of quitting nicotine use, and about the mental and emotional aspects of quitting in general. There are some questions to which we do not have answers:

  • Questions about quit-smoking products, or recommendations for quit-smoking products or others' services or programs. Nicotine Anonymous does not endorse or oppose any outside products, services, or programs.
  • Medical or statistical questions about quitting tobacco use. Nicotine Anonymous does not have medical expertise nor does it gather statistics. For example, we don't know how long nicotine remains in the bloodstream.

Please do not ask us to list your product, service, or program. Please do not ask us to link to your webpage.
These items would violate our non-endorsement policy. Nicotine Anonymous is not involved in the politics of anti-tobacco movement or the smoker's rights movement or any other causes. We seek only to help those who want to quit using nicotine to achieve that goal.

Send mail to:

Nicotine Anonymous World Services

Administrative Office

6333 E. Mockingbird Ln., 

Suite 147-817

Dallas, Texas 75214 

469-737-9304 telephone

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Please review the descriptions below to choose the right email address for your question or comment.

Nicotine Anonymous® World Services  



Ask us or tell us about:

[email protected]

nearly all of your general questions about Nicotine Anonymous - how the program works, help starting a meeting, contacts near your area, etc.

[email protected]

shipping and literature orders and order forms

Meeting List 
[email protected]

changes in the Worldwide Meeting List, especially time and location changes, new and discontinued meetings



Ask us or tell us about:

[email protected]

Chairperson of Nicotine Anonymous

[email protected]

Secretary of Nicotine Anonymous

[email protected]

Treasurer of Nicotine Anonymous



Ask us or tell us about:

By Laws Coordinator 
[email protected]  

questions about the By Laws of Nicotine Anonymous

Conference Chair 
[email protected]  

questions regarding the World Services Conference for the coming year

Daily Meditations Coordinator
[email protected]  

receives, reviews, and edits daily meditation submissions for book publication

Email Coordinator 
[email protected]  

coordinates all email servants that answer emails from the website

Literature Coordinator 
[email protected]

writing and development of additional literature for Nicotine Anonymous including pamphlets. Coordinates literature in languages other than English

Outreach Coordinator 
[email protected]

coordinates all outreach projects

Pen Pal Coordinator
[email protected]  

coordinates and connects pen pals who want to communicate via postal service

Email Pal Coordinator
[email protected]  

adds requesters to distribution list for email chain via internet

SevenMinutes Editor 
[email protected]  

receives and edits submissions for the quarterly newsletter of Nicotine Anonymous 

Teleservice Coordinator 
[email protected] 

coordinates all teleservants who answer phone calls to Nicotine Anonymous asking for support or information

Traditions Coordinator 
[email protected]  

coordinates all questions regarding the Traditions