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This is the official website for Nicotine Anonymous World Services. Any unauthorized website using Nicotine Anonymous' name and providing information, opinions, literature or outside links to other websites are not and have not been approved by Nicotine Anonymous World Services.


Conducting the Meeting

We suggest that meetings be conducted by members who are abstinent from nicotine, if possible. New members stand a better chance of receiving help by being in a group whose experience is drawn from people who have stopped using, and are living free from nicotine. Our members find that getting involved in the program is very helpful in stopping the use of nicotine in any form.

When you start a meeting, please fill out the enclosed meeting directory form and forward it to us. As soon as we receive it, the information about your meeting will be included in the Worldwide Meeting Directory, along with the first name and phone number of the contact person. The meeting location will also be published in the next issue of Seven Minutes, our quarterly newsletter. This will help local people and visitors to find your meeting. The information you provide will also let us communicate with you.

Our website displays a copy of each of our current pamphlets. If you need more, require other items such as our books, or would like to subscribe to Seven Minutes mentioned above, use our literature order form. A subscription to Seven Minutes includes an updated Worldwide Meeting Directory with the January issue.

Nicotine Anonymous World Services exists to serve the needs of groups around the world. Group or individual member contributions are gratefully accepted and are largely used to print and distribute our literature.

We welcome your letters with suggestions, ideas or announcements. If you have more requests or questions, please call or write at any time. Our staff will do its best to give you all the support you need.

It is customary for the leader to read an "opening" to start the meeting and a "closing" to end the meeting. This adds structure to the meeting, and Below you'll find three samples of what existing meetings have decided to read to open and close their meetings. We supply these to you as samples to assist you in preparing your own openings and closings.Comments on Meeting Formats:

The following comments refer to the Suggested Meeting Formats linked to below.

We did not comment on all items.

What you need to get started!

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